Interior Painting & Decorating in Norwich and around Norfolk

We see a lot of older properties, especially Victorian Terraces, with cracks and damp stains on the walls.  Not a problem, we are the experts!


Preparation and Interior Paints

Collins & Co Painting believe that the preparation of surfaces to be painted is crucial to a quality finish and it will define and set apart a high-end finish…and be longer lasting!

Walls and Ceilings
Cracks and holes are opened and filled, then sanded back for a smooth finish. All surfaces sanded smooth if necessary before and between coats.

Stains such as damp & oil are blocked with either a damp sealer or appropriate stain blocker prior to painting.

For wall and ceilings we generally use an easy clean quality Matt.

For bathrooms and kitchens we use trade Eggshell or Satin for a durable, washable finish. Although a top quality trade easy clean Matt can also be used.

Woodwork is scraped back, holes and cracks are filled with a quality  wood-filler, then sanded, undercoated and painted with a quality wood paint for a finish of the clients choice (gloss, satinwood, eggshell, wood stain, oil or polyurethane). Windows are taped for a precise finish to the paintwork.

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